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Construction​ Work

​​Lyneborg Grønt has worked with plant tasks and general forestry for 25 years

We have extensive experience with planting well with machines with hand / shovel, also for forest-traveling entry projects.

We can with our special syringes, handle all tasks with chemical maintenance and of course also work with brush cutting, chainsaw, etc.

We also assume that the spread fertilizer machine or hand.

We have great capacity for reprocessing of greenery and Christmas trees,

We have our own lifts, bundling palletizing and can therefore be assumed us, all simple tasks or turnkey contracts within clips, bundling, palletizing, and loading activities.

For questions or tasks, please call for a quote .... nothing is too big and nothing is too small

Lyneborg Grønt ApS     /     CVR: ​26675367     /     Århusvej 56, 8963 Auning     /     Telefon: +45 86 49 26 00     /     E-mail: hzf@lyneborg.as